Super Bowl Madness Podcast with Wonder

Wonder's Weekly Picks

Wild Card Weekend
Bengals @ Texans -3.5  
Lions @ Saints -11 
Falcons @ Giants -3.5
Steelers @ Broncos +7.5

Week 16
(home team in caps, favorite on left, pick is red, spreads as of 12/19/11)

Texans -5.5 COLTS
     -Have to think Houston wants to get back on track but they probably have nothing to play for in this game. They really need Baltimore to lose.

CHIEFS -1 Raiders
     -Raiders seem to have lost their mojo and Chiefs playing to get Crennel a job

Broncos -1.5 BILLS
     -Really? Seems cheap given that this i a must win for the Broncos and Buffalo is terrible.

TITANS -7 Jaguars
     -I accept ANY chance to bet against Gabbert

BENGALS -4 Cardinals    
     -Must win for the Bengals, but Might be a tough one. Anyone notice how well MY BOY Skelton is doing?

PATRIOTS -9.5 Dolphins 
     -They can SMELL this case that is the No. 1 seed.

RAVENS -13 Browns
    -After San Fran saved their bacon by beating Pittsburgh Monday night, RAVENS CRUSH opponents next two games. 

JETS -3 Giants
     -Have to take a field goal in a must-win game and a grudge match.

REDSKINS -6.5 Vikings
     -WOW! Vikings do stink.

PANTHERS -8.5 Buccaneers 
     -Hmmmmm, Cam vs. Josh for years to come? I'll take Cam in this one.

LIONS -1.5 Chargers
     -Tough game but Lions can lock up a playoff berth this week at Ford Field.

49ers -1 SEAHAWKS  
     -Seems low given San Fran must win out to get No. 2 seed.

COWBOYS -1 Eagles
    -I have NO idea in this one. But I think Vick and the Eagles turn the ball over and Dallas plays a strong all-around game.

SAINTS -6.5 Falcons 
     -Wow, do I hate betting against Brees in the Dome, but they usually play close games.

PACKERS -12.5 Bears 
      -They will be pissed off after last week and will WANT to prove themselves. Also want to officially lock up that No. 1 seed that they have earned this season. 

STEELERS -14  Rams
     -No Big Ben...I think Pitt rests him until the WC round because they don't see Balt losing again. They'll most likely draw Denver in round 1 and then travel to Foxboro in the Divisionals. Can you say Steelers @ Ravens AFC Championship? 
Last Week: 8-8
2011 Season: 111-100  (52.63%)


Week 15
(home team in caps, favorite on left, pick is red, spreads as of 12/13/11)

FALCONS -11 Jaguars  (Thursday Night Football)
   -Hate laying 11 but Gabbert gets embarrassed on NFL Network.
Cowboys -7 JAGUARS
   -Wow, have the Bucs quit or what?

Packers -14 CHIEFS
   -Pathetic, pathetic offense for KC.

Saints -7 VIKINGS
   -Cheap price in a dome, lock!!!

BEARS  -3 Seahawks
   -Wow! Now I know I've lost my mind.

TEXANS -6.5 Panthers
   -They can smell the closing line and want that bye!!!

Titans -6.5 COLTS
   -Really? The Colts? Only getting 6.5 against a team that needs a win?

Bengals -6 RAMS
   -See ABOVE!!!!!

Lions -1 RAIDERS
   -I have no clue here.

Patriots -6 BRONCOS
   -Patriots need home field in the playoffs and the Skins need an overhaul...Yup, it's definitely the last quarter of the season.

Eagles -3 Jets
   -I'll take the FG in a close game when the team is fighting for a playoff spot.

   -Yes, I am really laying 7 on the Cards.

Ravens -1.5 CHARGERS
  -Wouldn't shock me to see San Diego win but, RAVENS NEED THIS!

Last Week: 8-8
2011 Season: 103-92 (52.82%)

Week 14
(home team in caps, favorite on left, pick is red, spreads as of 12/6/11)

STEELERS -14 Browns (Thursday Night Football)
   -Probably a four score game but if the expected bad weather comes, then you have to take the two TD's.
RAVENS -16.5 Colts
   -Having said that, I'll take the Ravens -16.5 please! 

BENGALS -3 Texans 
   -I'll take the points in what should be a tight, defensive match up.

LIONS -6 Vikings
   -It's now or never for the Lions, who need to show up on Sunday and play smart football.

BUCCANEERS  -1 Jaguars
   -Only if Josh Freeman starts in this one! Most reports have him playing but this is something to keep an eye on.

PACKERS -11 Raiders
   -Pack can taste 16-0 now....Don't let the points scare you!

JETS -9 Chiefs 
   -Will NOT lay that many points with this Jets team! Ever.

Saints -3.5 TITANS
   -Hate the three and a hook, same with the Saints on the road. Bottom line is though-SAINTS NEED THAT TWO SEED!

DOLPHINS -3 Eagles
   -Bye, Bye Andy Reid.

Patriots -9 REDSKINS
   -Patriots need home field in the playoffs and the Skins need an overhaul...Yup, it's definitely the last quarter of the season.

Falcons -1.5 PANTHERS
   -Seems a bit low. Turner will have a field day against one of the league's worst run defenses.

49ers -3.5 CARDINALS 
   -I know the Cards play tough at home but why is this line so low? 

BRONCOS -3.5 Bears 
   -One of the league's hottest teams or Caleb Hanie......We'll take Denver.

   -Can't believe that I'm taking the Chargers with this many points, but Buffalo has REALLY packed it in.

COWBOYS -3 Giants
   -Give me the field goal and the hook in a tight, tough game. Eli always comes to play in Dallas!

   -Tough to lay six on Seattle but never going to get a better opportunity then against a bad Rams team at home.

BEST BET: Falcons -1.5

Last Week: 8-8
2011 Season: 95-84 (53.07%)