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Friday, January 20, 2012

NFC Divisional Round Recap

Baltimore vs Houston- I was quite impressed by the effort that Houston gave. They hung in their despite rookie QB Yates. Their defense played unreal and kept Ray Rice in check. Foster ran like a monster vs the Baltimore D. If it wasn't for the Baltimore D getting some interceptions and turnovers and some ridiculous decisions by Houston starting with Jacoby Jones, moronic decision to pick up the bouncing ball for no reason. That's on the coaches. In any event is a force to be reckoned with. On the other side of the ball, Flacco (Bal was my pick before the year started, thought it would be NO or GB). They have got to play better on offense. Torrey Smith nowhere to be seen. Their line did not protect Flacco or run block. When you go up to New England if your o-line doesn't dominate physically, they got NO chance.

San Fran vs New Orleans- No one wanted to go to the dome and play the Saints (Giants fans). What was most impressive was that Smith brought them back from the grave not once but twice. We always knew Vernon Davis had that in him. But for Smith, he actually stepped up and WON them the game. As for the Saints, I don't know what to say. So unprepared. So not focused. It was amazing. Brees always tends to give you a little bit of a chance at it, but he just made some really bad decisions. Everyone but Sproles wasn't great. They can't play outdoors. Their defense was just horrible. Particuarlly when it mattered. They couldn't guard or tackle anyone.

New England vs Denver- Time for Tebow to show his true colors. So overwhelmed by the Patriots. Like a high school team vs a college team. Just embarrassing. Equally bad was the Denver defense. Where were they. Didn't even give Tebow a chance. Brady had all day to throw. All kinds of open receivers. Denver had to be ready for this, they had no game plan whatsoever. I know it's tough but they didn't even try. On offense it was just ridiculous. That being said the Patriots are a juggernaut and the Ravens will have their hands full. Just not sold on the defense. All going to come down to Ravens pass rush.

Green Bay vs New York- Giants not only outplayed and dominated the Packers, but I've never seen a team who was 15-1 to have a case of the drops like the Packers did. Dropped passes (6), fumbles (should have been 3) I mean it was amazing to watch. The Giants defense did put up a decent amount of pressure on Rodgers but if you look at the tape carefully he really had pretty decent protection. Whoever coaches that team should be embarassed. At the end of the first half, the use of the clock by McCarthy and the timeouts and not keeping Bradshaw in the field of play and then that last play. That wasn't even close to being defended. That wasn't one of these knock it down plays. He just went up and caught the ball, they didn't even have anyone in front of him!! As for the Giants I liked their game plan. One thing you should not try to do vs GB D is not run up the middle, so much else you can do to take advantage of their weaknesses. First two plays up the middle for two yards. What's with the onside kick. Green Bay had tied the game at that point and had the momentum and what do they do? Onside kick. I mean McCarthy must be out of his mind. You can tell in the second half the pressure on Green Bay was there, they felt it. The Giants handled it. Giants applied pressure on a few big plays against the banged up Green Bay OL. Rodgers missed some critical passes. Missed Jennings early, missed Finley several times. Giants are tough, defense played pretty well, Eli was great. Gotta give them a lot of credit.

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