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Saturday, January 7, 2012

WONDERful Wild Card Weekend

Giants vs Falcons- Biggest thing they have going for them is experience and Eli Manning and the fact that they are an outdoor team playing in the northeast. If they can get up on the Falcons the way they got up on Dallas. Not saying it has to be 21-0, but even 10-0. I don’t think Atlanta has the gumption the fight the toughness to come back. It is huge for the Giants to go out there from the whistle and get on the board ASAP. If the Giants can make the Falcons one-dimensional and be a passing team, I think Ryan may get frustrated and the coaches may get frightened and they could struggle. But, if the Giants allow Atlanta to build confidence and march the ball down the field in one of those long drives early, it’s a totally different game for the Giants and it’ll be a dog fight. The key is to take the fight out of the dog.  Punish them in the early going. Let’s see what the Giants are really made of. Let’s see what they can do.

Denver vs Pittsburgh- 3 problems for Pitt. 1- Ben still gimpy. 2- lost Mendenhall. 3-Ryan Clark can’t play because of the high altitude and his sickle cell disease. That being said the Pitt D is going to tee off on Tebow. It’s going to be a long day for Broncos fans.

Texans vs Bengals- This will be the best one of the week. I feel bad for Houston, as I’ve said before. I like Kubiak, Schaub to Johnson. It’s just not all there right now for them, big big losses for them. But they are still in there. It’s just not going to happen with Yates. They need Foster to get those big 45-50 yard runs to take the wind out of Cincinnati. But I think it’s going to be a real grind it out type of game on both sides. Whichever team does- 1. Avoid stupid plays—that means turnovers, dumb penalties, fumbles on returns, breakdowns in defense, etc. 2. Which team will make a big offensive play—a bust out run, a long pass to AJ Green, a great play by Arian Foster. You’ll be able to point to a few key plays to point to the reason for victory.

Saints vs Lions- Everyone expects the Saints to just kill the Lions. The line reflects that. I’ll say this, Stafford is a stud, Calvin Johnson is a beast. If they only hadn’t lost Leshoure and Best, I think they would be a really tough team to stop. But they are going to put points on the board and lets face it, New Orleans D isn’t great.  I think they can at least keep it interesting, 38-28, 35-31, one of those kinds of games. I expect Brees to be phenomenal but I think if the Lions aren’t overwhelmed by the moment then I think they can hang.

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