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Monday, December 12, 2011

The NFL Totem Pole at the Quarter Point: The Also Rans Division

We take a look at where the 32 NFL teams stand at the quarter mark of the season. Find out which teams are set to make a move, which teams are due for a fall and which teams are just stuck in neutral.

The Also Rans Division- These teams are PRETTY good and are going to make the playoffs, it's just that I don't see them going very far.

Houston Texans- It's sad what has happened with Schaub and Williams because what they have done this year is tremendous. Even without Williams they are still playing great defense. Three unsung players who I once touted in the draft have been huge contributors for them; QB T.J. Yates, HB Ben Tate and DE J.J. Watt. With that being said, there is just no way they can survive the playoffs without a seasoned quarterback.

Dallas Cowboys- The most dangerous of all the also rans, you never know what your going to get with the Cowboys. The defense has been disappointing, especially the back four. They are just not getting the pass rush and the defensive coverage. With Dez Bryant,  Miles Austin, Laurent Robinson and Jason Witten running routes, Tony Romo has a dangerous set of weapons at his disposal and without those two blown games (@ NYJ, vs DET)

Atlanta Falcons- No doubt that they will make the playoffs. While Ryan isn't an elite QB and I'm not sure he will ever be, he is a solid, solid, passer who can lead your team to the Super Bowl. Having the two beasts on the outside Roddy White and Julio Jones (I had Jones as a can't miss WR the same rating that I gave A.J. Green and only three other guys in the last ten years- Larry Fitzgerald, Andre Johnson and Calvin Johnson). 

Oakland Raiders- My preseason pick for the AFC West, I wasn't crazy about how much the Raiders gave up for Palmer, especially after seeing how much zip he lost on his fastball at the end of his time in Cincinnati. However, he's been quite productive for Hue Jackson (the WR coach when Palmer was in CIN) and the defense has been stout led by Rolando McClain. Biggest mystery for them is whether or not McFadden can get healthy and stay healthy for the playoffs, which would make for a dangerous backfield and take some of the pressure off of Palmer. 


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