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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Week 15 Odds and Ends Part 2

Chiefs at Packers- Shock of the year. I really thought Green Bay was headed for 19-0. I think they really wanted to go 16-0 too. I know the Jennings loss hurts a bit but still. That O-line is really beaten up and they are now down three starters. If Rodgers doesn't have the chance to work his magic that would be really sad. It's clear that in order to beat the Packers you just have to pressure him non-stop.

Lions at Raiders- Oh how the mighty have fallen. Once 7-4, Oakland is now EL FOLDO. How do you blow a 27-14 lead at home with six minutes left in the game. Terrible everything. Just folding. Detroit just keeps coming back. They are great at it. No team has overcome 13 point deficits like Detroit has this season. As for Megatron, it's close, but I think he is the best receiver in the league. If they had only not lost Leshoure before the season started, or even Best, this would be a scary, scary team. Instead I think they are one and done in the tournament. Maybe one win.

Patriots at Broncos- Well, I was waiting for this to happen and it certainly did. Denver did come out strong with the run until the Patriots figured them out. This says a lot about both teams. I think Denver gets a bit of confidence from this. Tebow is really unlike anything we've seen in this league and they are doing a good job of designing an offense around him. They literally, LITERALLY, have to work as a team on going no-huddle two-minute drill basically nearly every snap. They cannot put him under center. It's the only way they can play and be successful. This is a big, strong boy and he can deliver it just as well as he can take it. I think they make the playoffs, one and done though. As for New England- I've never seen a worse contrast then the one that exists between their offense and defense. Brady is unreal, the offense can't be stopped. But their defense cannot stop anybody. Even with that being said, the Patriots are going to be a real tough out in January. Still, one and done is possible, especially if they get Pittsburgh in the divisional round.

Jets at Eagles- Could the Jets have played any worse. Holmes? That was a pathetic exhibition. Jets were just horrible. They started off fine and held the Eagles. The Jets absolutely stunk up the joint. But they've done that before, the question is--will they bounce back like the last few years? I'm not so sure. I think they are in trouble. As for the Eagles, it could be scary if they get in. A lot of if's that I don't think will happen, but still.

Cardinals at Browns- Cardinals didn't play a real good game but I'll tell you one thing, my boy John Skelton was a great late round pick. I think he has been much better than Kolb, it's not even close. I don't think they'll have the guts to play Skelton over Kolb but they should. He's 5-1 as a starter and can really rifle the ball. Interesting team moving forward. Washington and Peterson, two guys I loved in the draft, are going to anchor that defense for years to come.

Chargers at Ravens- Ravens could have secured their first ever No. 1 seed if you won your last three games and what do you do? You go stink up the joint vs. San Diego. Granted the Chargers are playing quite well at this moment, but still. Flacco and crew just did not show up at all. 10 carries for Rice? What is that. Run it down their throat. In any event, the Ravens caught a big break with the Steelers' loss. As for the Chargers, I guess this is their classic December charge to save Norv. They would have had a much more realistic chance if the Bears didn't blow that game two weeks ago to Denver but as of now it looks like too much. For Chargers fans, they better hope that changes are made from teh top and they get rid of Turner and get someone who will be a bit tougher on that team.

Steelers at 49ers- We had the 49ers winning this one, but for them to just control and physically dominate Pittsburgh was shocking. It was just a beat down. The Steelers should do the smart thing--sit out Roethlisberger the next two games and let him prepare for the playoffs. Still have faith in them, they will be a scary, scary team in the playoffs. As for the 49ers--they desperately want to win their last two to get that bye and to avoid the dreaded trip to the Superdome to face the Saints.

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