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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

NFL Week 15 Odds and Ends: Part 1

Falcons at Jaguars- As I thought, Atlanta is rounding into form. The Jags and Gabbert are just pathetic. I think Atlanta is going to be a very tough out in the playoffs this year. Another huge one for Julio Jones, maybe worth every bit of their "overpriced" draft pick trade for him. He is a true stud.

Cowboys at Bucs- Dallas put a whooping on Tampa. I dont know if Raheem Morris is fired at the end of the year but they have taken a giant step back. They have given up on the season. Freeman looks horrible. Dallas controls their own destiny--win their last two and they are in. Dallas is just so, so inconsistent and changes their colors so often you never know what to expect.

Panthers at Texans- Sort of an upset. I know it was Newton vs Yates but that whole concept of Houston playing hard. Playing good defense. Running the ball. WITH A NO. 1 SEED AT STAKE! They folded like a cheap suit. Doesn't bode well as they head into the playoffs. I still have a good amount of faith in them but they just have to play a very solid, clean game if they want to advance in the playoffs.

Redskins at Giants- I can't say how badly Coughlin needs to go. For a team that could have controlled their own destiny EVEN if they lost to the Jets this week. For them not to come out, after having beat Dallas the week before, and absolutely annihilate Washington-that's a reflection on the coach. Washington is playing hard and need to address the QB situation in the off-season.

Dolphins at Bills- I thought they were going to pack it in because of the situation (new coach, weather in Buffalo). Reggie Bush 205 yards, where did that come from?. Moore was solid. How do you think Buffalo feels about their $60-million dollar contract for Fitzpatrick right about now?

Seahawks at Bears- I almost feel bad for the Bears. I wasn't a huge fan of theirs at the beginning of the season but Cutler and Forte were playing great. When those two went down, the ship began to sink. Hanie isn't a second or a third string quarterback. He belongs with Palko somewhere else like the Arena League. Seattle defense played great, they are playing hard for Carroll. They NEED a quarterback.

Saints at Vikings- I mean what can you say? They are just so scary on offense its amazing. Brees is a magician. As for the Vikings, they packed it in a long time ago. What a waste of some great skill players on offense. I know Fraizer has only been there for a year but he is just not a good coach.

Bengals at Rams-Hey- the Bengals won a game they had to win. They didn't blow them out but they did what they needed to do. The Rams are a horrible team. Poor Bradford continues to get pounded. They got to do whatever they can to strengthen that offensive line. Also need to get Bradford another REAL playmaker on the outside.

Titans at Colts- SERIOUSLY MUNCHAK? ARE YOU SERIOUS? Maybe your biggest game of the year- a chance to get into playoff position. And what do you do? You lose to Indianapolis. HORRIBLE. HORRIBLE. HORRIBLE. As for the Colts, you hate to see any team go 0-16, maybe that saves Caldwell's job. If it did--poor Colts fans.

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