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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The NFL Totem Pole at the Quarter Point: The Detroit 2011 Version Division

We take a look at where the 32 NFL teams stand at the quarter mark of the season. Find out which teams are set to make a move, which teams are due for a fall and which teams are just stuck in neutral.   

The Detroit 2011 Version Division    

Indianapolis Colts- They will equal Detroit's 0-16 record of a couple of years ago. I will say this, it's better to be 0-16 then 5-11. That being said, when you look at this team and you see talent like Mathis and Freeney on defense. And Wayne, Clark, Addai, Brown, Gonzalez, Collie and Garcon, there really is no excuse for this team to be 0-12. I think they packed it in when Peyton got hurt. There has been a lot of talk by Archie, who has flip-flopped on his stance on a new quarterback. What they need to do is trade Peyton Manning. They need to draft, whoever they feel, is going to be the best quarterback moving forward for the Indianapolis Colts. Until you get these guys in and meet them, and see how they fit with your philosophy, you shouldn't make decision. Game film against bad teams shouldn't be enough in deciding who the leader of your franchise will be going forward. There has got to be a sense of creating a bidding war for Manning between Washington, Miami, Seattle, maybe even Tennessee, create something where you play these teams against each other and you get a lot for the twilight of Peyton's career. I mean look what Oakland gave up for Carson Palmer!!


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