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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The NFL Totem Pole at the Quarter Point: The El Foldo Division

We take a look at where the 32 NFL teams stand at the quarter mark of the season. Find out which teams are set to make a move, which teams are due for a fall and which teams are just stuck in neutral.  

The El Foldo Division- Teams who have just absolutely tanked. 

Philadelphia Eagles- Yes the Dream Team is 5-8. As talented as Vick is, he is going to get beat up, he is going to get hurt because this is the big boy league. The Eagles should have realized that if they wanted to commit to Vick long term, which they did, what they needed to do was spend all of their draft choices over the last couple of years to stack up their pathetic offensive line. They haven't. And it's reflected in the fact that Vick gets killed every single week. If it wasn't for his mobility, he'd be on the IR already. The biggest problem with the Eagles is that Andy has lost the team. They started believing their own headlines. The defense has been problematic. Have misused guys like my boy, Dominique Rogers Cromartie, my boy. 

San Diego Chargers- A team who started off 4-1 and completely fell of the map. They should be definitely the favorite to win that division and they have not done so, they gotta go and rebuild their defense, beef up their offensive line and I am still a believer in Philip Rivers. I think he is still a great player and a good quarterback for years to come.

Buffalo Bills- I give them credit starting out 4-1, beating the Pats up in Buffalo. For whatever reason, when the Jets went up and pounded their brains in, it seemed to take the wind out of their sails. They have just gotten their head handed to them since. It's great to give Fitzpatrick all of this money, but he is not the be all end all. Losing Jackson was obviously a killer. They gotta get rid of Stevie Johnson, he's a cancer, he's a problem. He does too many dumb things off and on the field. 


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